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Welcome to Peptide 2.0 Inc.

The Second Generation of Custom Peptide Synthesis

Peptides are used ubiquitously for studies in biology, biochemistry, chemical biology, peptide based medicinal chemistry, and many other areas of research. There is a number of marketed peptide drugs, and the prospects for the development of new peptide drugs are very encouraging.

Peptide Synthesis 2.0

Custom Peptide Synthesis at Peptide 2.0 Inc. We strive to provide best custom peptide synthesis services. With the state-of-the-art facility and an outstanding management team, Peptide 2.0 Inc is able to provide custom peptide services with the best quality and the best value to our customers at unprecedented peptide synthesis price from $2.00 per amino acid.

Peptide Synthesis 2.0
Peptide Library Peptide 2-Go
From $2.00 per amino acid
MS report included
Up to 20 amino acide residue
96-well plate format
Up to 3 mg scale
From $2880 per plate
Up to 98% purity
From mg to kg
Fast turnaround time

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Why Peptide 2.0 Inc.:
From $2.0 per amino acid residue (aa)
High Quality with Unbeatable Low Price
Real-time tracking your order status
Two to Three weeks delivery time for most peptides.
Try our risk-free service now! You won't be charged unless you receive your peptides.

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